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OLAS (Overboard Location Alert System)

What is Exposure OLAS?

OLAS stands for Overboard Location Alert System. It has been developed to provide a scalable wireless safety system for motor and sailing vessels up to 80ft in length. Exposure OLAS creates virtual tethers to crew, family, pets and objects ensuring that if they fall overboard an alarm is triggered. Exposure OLAS is split into 2 product functions; Exposure OLAS transmitters and Exposure OLAS receivers.

Exposure OLAS Transmitters

  • The Exposure OLAS Tag and the Exposure OLAS Float-ON are considered Exposure OLAS transmitters. They emit a Bluetooth signal, which is monitored by any Exposure OLAS receivers, creating a wireless tether.
  • The transmitters are portable devices to be carried, worn or attached to crew, family and pets.

Exposure OLAS Receivers, the Exposure OLAS receivers track the Exposure OLAS transmitters, Exposure OLAS receivers are;

  • Exposure OLAS mobile application: Portable overboard alarm and rescue aid
  • Core: Portable overboard alarm
  • Guardian: Installed wireless kill switch and overboard alarm
  • Extender: A repeater to increase the range of the Guardian and Core up to 80ft

How does it work?

Exposure OLAS transmitters are synced up with the receivers whilst in dock. The system then operates in the background, continuously checking to ensure all crew, family and pets are still within range. When the virtual tether is broken between a receiver and a transmitter, the receiver triggers an alarm, emergency light and Exposure OLAS mobile application.

Instant alert to an overboard incident enables rapid recovery to be actioned.

The Exposure OLAS Mobile Application

The Exposure OLAS mobile application allows the Exposure OLAS transmitters to be used as a MOB/proximity alarm creating a portable system that can be taken from vessel to vessel without costly installation. When an Exposure OLAS transmitter goes out of range an alarm is set off and overboard screens are activated.

When the Exposure OLAS mobile application is connected to the Guardian or Core it allows greater control over the Exposure OLAS transmitters that are being tracked, whilst also acting as an extra alarm and rescue aid.

The Exposure OLAS app has 4 key rescue features, automatically activated when the MOB alarm sounds:

  • Records and displays MOB Alert GPS position (no phone signal required)
  • Displays MOB mayday call with custom vessel information and MOB Alert GPS position
  • Clear arrow directing back to the MOB Alert GPS position
  • Solo mode – automatic SMS to custom number with MOB Alert GPS position



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