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Exposure OLAS

Exposure OLAS Guardian Wireless Engine Kill Switch

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Exposure OLAS Guardian Wireless Engine Kill Switch
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Exposure OLAS Guardian Wireless Engine Kill Switch

The Exposure OLAS Guardian is a wireless engine kill switch that acts within two seconds of a person falling overboard. It has the dual function of also acting as an instant, Man Overboard Alarm system. The Exposure OLAS Guardian simply connects with up to 15 Exposure OLAS transmitters and can cover a vessel up to 50ft.

What it does

Exposure OLAS Guardian means power boat and RIB drivers are assured that their boat will stop in an instant, should the skipper or crew get separated from the boat, reducing the chances of a serious accident from a loose, unmanned, uncontrolled powerboat. They are free to move around their boat without constantly having to remember to attach, detach and re-attach a physical wired kill cord.

How it works

Up to 15 Exposure OLAS transmitting devices (OLAS tag/OLAS Float-On) within range can be tracked around the vessel by the Exposure OLAS Guardian. This allows freedom for the crew and skipper to move around the vessel with confidence that if anyone falls overboard either the engine will be cut-off and / or an alarm will occur, and a swift recovery can be actioned.

The Exposure OLAS Guardian connects to a vessels 12/24v power supply and existing kill switch using the supplied connectors making it quick and easy to install with immediate usability.

A 21mm hole is required near to the existing kill switch for the 20mm stainless steel, LED control switch to be installed.

Who is it for

Exposure OLAS Guardian is for drivers of power and motor boats, and all skippers and boat owners concerned about onboard safety. It wirelessly connects up to 15 crew members via wearable Exposure OLAS transmitters (wrist Tags or OLAS Float On Light) creating a virtual kill cord.

Run alongside existing Kill switch

The Exposure OLAS Guardian can be used in-place of or alongside an existing kill cord switch and will operate if the physical kill cord has not been attached to the driver.

On most engines a simple parallel connection to the existing kill switch will enable full wireless cut-off capability.

Automatic restart

After 5 seconds the kill switch is deactivated enabling the engine to be restarted

Inbuilt Alarm

An 85db alarm will sound to indicate an Exposure OLAS transmitter has gone out of range

Inbuilt Emergency Light (if externally mounted)

A high-power emergency Red light will illuminate, offering clear visual indication of an alert whilst also acting as a light to illuminate the surrounding area

Relay selection

The Exposure OLAS App allows individual relay selection for easily adjusting if the Exposure OLAS transmitter triggers the engine cut-off / relay, or only triggers the Exposure OLAS Guardian's inbuilt MOB alarm

Automatic connection

When you board your vessel and switch on the power, the Exposure OLAS Guardian will automatically connect to any switched on Exposure OLAS transmitting devices within 2 meters rage.

No connection alert and override

If you board the vessel and no transmitters are switched on, the Exposure OLAS Guardian will sound an alert. This alert can be stopped either by connecting the Exposure OLAS transmitter to the Exposure OLAS Guardian or the Exposure OLAS Guardian can be manually switched off. After which the vessel can be driven as usual using the exiting physical, safety kill cord.

Pause mode

The system can be placed into a pause mode. This is used when you need to leave the boat with the engine idling, such as walking down a pontoon, knowing the Exposure OLAS transmitter will go out of range.

Connects up to 15 Exposure Exposure OLAS Transmitters (OLAS Tags or OLAS Float-On)

Up to 15 transmitters allows larger vessel to connect crew and objects to the Exposure OLAS Guardian . Simply by attaching a transmitter to object such as a MOB flotation device or yacht tender you can always be aware if something has gone missing.

Exposure OLAS Extender compatible

An Exposure OLAS Extender can be used to cover areas where transmitter signal may be blocked. This allows use on larger vessels up to 80ft and the ability to scale the system up if required.

Mobile App Features

The Exposure OLAS Guardian is easily operated via the Exposure OLAS App, free to download from the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.  The Exposure OLAS app requires a device running the minimum of IOS11 or Android 5.1 to work. The Exposure OLAS App is a powerful tool for controlling the Exposure OLAS Guardians functions and for aiding in fast rescue.


  • Monitor all Exposure OLAS transmitters that are being tracked
  • Customise Exposure OLAS transmitter Names making them easy to allocate
  • Check battery status for Exposure OLAS tags

Guardian Control

  • Add new Exposure OLAS transmitters to the Guardian system
  • Pause the Guardian system if transmitters are leaving the area for a short period
  • Adjust the time before the Guardian reacts to an overboard transmitter between 2 seconds to 15 seconds, allowing more freedom around larger vessels
  • Adjust between cut-off switch and external alarm mode
  • Kill switch mode activates the inbuilt switch for 5 seconds, cutting off the engine, but allowing users to restart the engine after 5 seconds
  • External alarm mode activates the inbuilt switch until it is manually cancelled. This allows external, high power, alarms to be connected in series.
  • Pause the alarm state

Transmitter control

  • Easily adjust individual transmitters between Engine cut-off (for the skipper), Alarm only (for passengers) and Pause (for passengers leaving the vessel temporarily)
  • sounding the external alarm if a Tag wearer is out of range on both the Guardian and your mobile device.
  • Adjust the time before the cut-off switch or alarm is triggered – offering greater freedom

External Alarm and rescue aid

  • Maximum volume alarm and vibration on your mobile phone, synchronized with the Guardian.
  • Indication of which transmitter has triggered the alarm
  • Record the GPS location of where the alarm was triggered
  • Clear guidance back to the GPS location where the alarm was triggered
  • Clear display of the time and GPS location of where the alarm was triggered and the user's current location.
  • VHF emergency script with automatically input GPS co-ordinates and custom vessel information Solo Mode
  • Designed for when boating on your own within 2G cellular range or offshore Wifi. Solo mode will send an automatic text message to a custom number with your location and time of the incident. If a self-rescue is managed an automatic text is sent cancelling the alert.

Setup and Mounting

12/24V wired

The Exposure OLAS Guardian module can be connected to your vessels power supply to ensure it is always connected when you have the power running. The power wires can simply be spliced into an existing power supply from the boat’s battery.

Through panel mounting

The compact, stainless steel switch requires minimum adjustment to your existing center console, allowing it to be fitted through a 21mm hole

Colour coded control switch

The color-coded control switch makes the system easy to control and setup, without the need for the Exposure OLAS App. During the setup process, it will indicate the automatic setup stages with a red indicator light. When the system is running it shows a green light, switching back to red in an alarm situation.

System Feedback

The GUARDIAN clearly indicates how many OLAS transmitters are connected during the setup process.

Transmitters can be added to the system either using the mobile application or through simple inbuilt switching process.