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We have been in business for 35+ years and have gained a vast amount of knowledge relating to sales, installation and maintenance of marine electronics. We believe our prices to be competitive. If you find this not to be the case, feel free to contact us and discuss it. Please bare in mind WE ARE NOT AN INTERNET ONLY COMPANY.




Save up to £500

Purchase an Lowrance HDS PRO and then get up to £500 maximum savings on fishing system components including ActiveTarget 2 Live sonar, Outboard Pilot Hydraulic Pack, Outboard Pilot Cable steer Pack, DrivePilot Hydraulic-Steer Pack, NAC-1 Outboard pilot hydraulic pack, NAC-1 Precision Hydraulic Pack, NAC-2 or NAC-3 autopilots, HALO Radar, Ghost Trolling Motor and MotorGuide Xi3 and Xi5.

Purchase an HDS PRO with a qualifying product/accessory from us between before 30.04.24 and then go to the below link to process your claim, terms and conditions can be found here.

Claim link

This offer is not run by us and we accept no responsibility for it.

HDS PRO Rebate

000-15982-00 HDS PRO 9 + AIHD 3-N-1 £300

000-15997-001 HDS PRO 9 NOXD £300

000-15985-001 HDS PRO 10 + AIHD 3-N-1 £400

000-16000-001 HDS PRO 10 NOXD £400

000-15988-001 HDS PRO 12 + AIHD 3-N-1 £450

000-16003-001 HDS PRO 12 NOXD £450

000-15991-001 HDS PRO 16 + AIHD 3-N-1 £500

000-16006-001 HDS PRO 16 NOXD £500

Qualifying Products

000-15959-001 Active Target 2

000-15952-001 NAC-1 Outboard Pilot

000-15951-001 NAC-1 Precision Pack

000-13335-001 NAC-2  Core Pack

000-13336-001 NAC-3  Core Pack

000-13337-001 NAC-2  VRF Core Pack

000-13338-001 NAC-3  VRF Core Pack

000-13250-001 NAC-3  Autopilot Computer

000-13249-001 NAC-2  Autopilot Computer

000-11769-001 NAC-1  Autopilot Computer

000-14543-001 Halo20 Radar

000-14542-001 Halo20 + Radar

000-14541-001 Halo24 Radar

000-14937-001 Ghost 47”

000-14938-001 Ghost 52”

000-15480-001 Ghost 60”

000-15918-001 S3100 Sonar Module

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