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Raymarine Ray90 VHF & Raymarine AIS700

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Raymarine Ray90 VHF & Raymarine AIS700
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Raymarines fixed mount Raymarine Ray90 modular VHF radio brings multi-station communications to a whole new level of power, performance, and flexibility. The Raymarine Ray90 is a black-box design with a transceiver that hides out of sight while the ergonomic RayMic handset and remote speaker provide full control of the radio with crystal clear audio.

Raymarine Ray90 Key Features
  • Black box, multi-station capable VHF radio
  • NEW - Wireless handset and active speaker available
  • Wired handset and passive speaker included
  • Expandable to 2 handsets
  • Built-in loudhailer and fog signal generator
  • Optional external GPS
  • Simple NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 Networking
Raymarine Ray90 is equipped with a powerful 25-watt transmitter and commercial grade electronics for long life and superior performance. Channel scanning, dual-watch, tri-watch and weather alert are standard. Class D Digital Selective Calling radio and integrated GPS makes setting up the advanced safety and calling features easy. Simply input your vessels MMSI number during setup and youre ready to go. For GPS operation the optional GA150 passive GPS antenna is required.

Position Tracking
Use Raymarine Ray90s position tracking feature to keep tabs on up to 5 nearby DSC equipped vessels. Their positions are automatically shared with your Raymarine MFD. Keep an eye on other boats in your cruising party, monitor vessels of interest, or manage your local fleet. In Europe the Raymarine Ray90 supports the ATIS system on navigable inland waterways.

Raymarine Ray90s built-in loudhailer will make you heard on-deck and across the harbour. Connect an optional hailing horn and make your presence known with 30-watts of audio output, plus 2-way talkback. When things get foggy, the loudhailer can also be set to automatically sound required fog signals for power and sailing vessels underway and at anchor.

Waterproof & Ruggedized
Raymarine Ray90s transceiver unit is cast in solid aluminum for shock and vibration resistance and maximum heat dissipation. RayMic handsets feature super-bright backlighting for easy viewing in all conditions and oversized keys provide a sure grip with easy access to commonly used functions.

Expand Your System
The Raymarine Ray90 system includes 1 RayMic wired handset and a passive speaker kit. Expand your system with an additional RayMic handset and remote speaker. For noisy environments choose the optional active remote speaker. No matter how small or how large your vessel is, the Raymarine Ray90 all the power and performance you need for essential communications on the water.

Raymarine AIS700 Class B AIS Transceiver with built-in Splitter
The Raymarine AIS700 is a Class B Automatic Identification System (AIS) transceiver designed for use with Raymarine multifunction navigation display systems. As a Class B AIS transceiver, the Raymarine AIS700 not only receives broadcasts from other vessels, it also transmits your own boats information too helping you to be seen on other vessels systems.

Raymarine AIS700 Features
  • Full transmit and receive AIS for enhanced situational awareness and safety
  • Latest SO-TDMA networking for longer range and faster performance
  • Built-in antenna splitter simplifies installation with existing VHF radio antenna
  • NMEA2000, NMEA0183, PC and SeaTalkng Compatible
  • Software or hardware switchable Silent Mode for enhanced security when needed
Raymarine AIS700 Power Specifications
  • Power Supply: 12v and 24 nominal
  • Power Consumption: <3W
  • Peak current: 3A
  • Load Equivalency Number: 1 LEN
Raymarine AIS700 External Connections
  • VHF antenna connector type: SO-239 co-axial
  • VHF radio connector type: SO-239 co-axial
  • GNSS antenna connector: 50 TNC co-axial
  • NMEA2000: DeviceNet male
  • USB: Micro-B
  • External interface isolation: NMEA0183 and NMEA 2000 interfaces to incorporate galvanic isolation from power supply as required by the relevant interface specification.
  • NMEA0183 interface 1 (MFD connection): NMEA 0183 HS (IEC 61162-1) compliant, bi-directional, RS422 levels. 4 wire interface (differential signalling). Configurable baud rate. Input to MFD from AIS.
  • NMEA0183 interface 2 (NMEA0183 instrument connection): NMEA 0183 (IEC 61162-1) compliant, bi-directional, RS422 levels. 4 wire interface (differential signalling). 4 wire interface (differential signalling) Configurable baud rate
  • USB interface (PC connection): Protocol NMEA 0183 HS (IEC 61162-1) compliant, bi-directional USB port, 38.4 kBaud
Raymarine Ray90 VHF & Raymarine AIS700