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Ocean Signal

Ocean Signal EPIRB3 Pro

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Ocean Signal EPIRB3 Pro
  • Information

Ocean Signal EPIRB3 Pro Category 1 EPIRB with AIS, Return Link Service and NFC Mobile Connectivity

  • Return Link Service (RLS Capable)
  • 406MHz & 121.5MHz Signals
  • Integrated AIS Alert
  • Visible Light and IR Strobe
  • Rugged and Waterproof
  • MEOSAR Compatible

The new Ocean Signal EPIRB3 Pro is a full featured 406 MHz global rescue beacon that comes with an auto release float free bracket and packs a host of features into a compact modern design which includes AIS EPIRB technology. AIS provides local rescuers precise and reliable information on the current beacon position, thereby speeding rescue operations. Additionally, Return Link Service (RLS) on the Ocean Signal EPIRB3 Pro comforts those who activate the beacon by confirming that their distress message has been received. The inclusion of Near Field Communication (NFC) capability allows use of a smartphone app to monitor the Ocean Signal EPIRB3 Pro battery and other functions ensuring it is working properly. With its slim design and advanced features, the Ocean Signal EPIRB3 Pro is ideal for a variety of mariners whether they are cruising the med, heading out through the straights for a passage, fishing, working, or sailing offshore.

  • 30%(typ) smaller
  • AIS distress alert
  • Return Link Service (RLS)
  • Mobile connectivity utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Free App (Apple & Android)
  • 10 year battery life
  • 48+ hours operational life
  • 5 year warranty
  • Fast accurate positioning with 72 channel GPS
  • Retractable antenna
  • Quick release bracket
  • Secure lanyard

Ocean Signal EPIRB3 Pro Specifications

406MHz Transmitter

Transmit Power (EIRP): 12W
Frequency: 406.031 MHz ±1KHz
Modulation: Phase ±1.1 Radians (16K0G1D)
Encoding: Biphase L
Rate: 400 bps

AIS Transmitter

Transmit Power (EIRP): 1Watt±3dB
Frequency: 161.975/162.025MHz ±500Hz
Baud rate: 9600baud
Synchronisation: UTC
Messages: Message 1 (Position), Message 14 (Status)
Repetition interval: 8 messages/minute - Message 14 sent twice every 4 minutes

121.5MHz Transmitter

Transmit Power (PERP): 50mW±3dB
Frequency: 121.5 MHz
Modulation Duty Cycle: >35%
Modulation Factor: 0.85 to 1.00
Frequency Stability: ±50ppm
Duty Cycle: >98%

Visible Strobe and Night Vision Lights

Light Type: High Intensity LED & Infrared (IR)
Light Colour: White and IR
Average Intensity Visible: >1 candela
Average Intensity Night Vision Light: 15mW/sr
Flash Rate: 24 per minute (nom.)


Type: Lithium Iron Disulphide (LiFeS2)
Operating Time: >48Hours @ -20°C
Battery Replacement Period: 10 years

GNSS Receiver

Satellite Channels: 72 acquisition
Sensitivity: -167dBm
Cold Start / Re-acquisition: -148dBm / -160dBm
GNSS Antenna: Microstrip Patch