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Lowrance HDS Pro 12 with Active Imaging HD 3-in-1 Transducer

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Lowrance HDS Pro 12 with Active Imaging HD 3-in-1 Transducer
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Lowrance HDS Pro 12 with Active Imaging HD 3-in-1 Transducer 000-15985-001

Lowrance HDS Pro 12 Key Features:

  • SolarMAX HD Touchscreen viewable at extreme angles and through polarized lenses
  • New! High-definition 1.2MHz Lowrance Active Imaging HD ready (Lowrance CHIRP/SideScan/DownScan Imaging)
  • New! High-resolution Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar ready
  • Supports two Lowrance ActiveTarget Systems for multiple views simultaneously
  • Supports FishReveal with new SideScan view, as well as Downscan*
  • Available in 9, 10, 12 and 16-inch display size
  • Worldwide basemap with upgrade options for C-Map Discover and Reveal, Navionics
  • Real-time mapping available with C-Map Genesis Live.
  • Support for new Lowrance ActiveTarget Scout and Ghost Trolling Motor 360 chart overlay views
  • Large programmable keys
  • Touchscreen control of Power-Pole anchors, Ghost Trolling Motor, Autopilot and Lowrance Outboard Pilot
  • NMEA 2000, Wireless and Bluetooth, connectivity – plus smartphone notifications
  • Lowrance HDS Pro keeps the same connectors and layout as HDS Live
  • All Lowrance HDS Pro models have dual ethernet, making it easy to network multiple displays together

See more and catch more with the new Lowrance HDS Pro 12, giving you the clearest and most-detailed views with new, higher-resolution Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar and new, ultra high-definition Lowrance Active Imaging HD.
Lowrance's clearest sonar ever, Lowrance Active Imaging HD delivers high-definition views of Lowrance CHIRP sonar, SideScan and DownScan Imaging. FishReveal has also been expanded to be available on SideScan* and DownScan, making fish easier to identify to the sides and beneath the boat. (*Requires S3100 Module)
Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar provides higher-resolution views of fish movement and structure. It also supports plug-and-play installation of two Lowrance ActiveTarget systems, making it possible to watch multiple views simultaneously, and to widen Front and Scout modes for better bait tracking.

The better your view, the better your fishing. From the high-definition touchscreen display to the high-level clarity of the newly-enhanced Lowrance sonar, Lowrance HDS Pro 12 delivers a full range of meaningful underwater views that will take your fishing experience from good to great.
The SolarMAX HD touchscreen provides stunning images of fish, structure and chart details that are easy to see from any angle, in direct sunlight and through polarized lenses – a real difference maker on the water. See unmatched clarity on-screen with Lowrance’s superior, high-resolution Lowrance Active Imaging HD sonar and Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar technologies.

Powerful, intuitive charts are key to any fishing system, helping anglers find the best fishing spots and navigate there safely. Lowrance HDS Pro 12 comes pre-loaded with C-Map charts, and the option to upgrade to either C-Map Discover or Reveal, so you can spend more time catching fish and less time finding them. C-Map charts bring great routes, social layers, and even real-time mapping with the powerful Genesis Live. Lowrance HDS Pro 12 is also compatible with Navionics and other chart suppliers.

With Lowrance HDS Pro 12 at the heart of your fishing system, it’s easy to customize your boat to fit the way you fish with your choice of fish-finding, navigation, network and entertainment options. Lowrance HDS Pro 12 offers support for the complete range of top fish-finding technologies – from Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar and Lowrance Active Imaging HD to touchscreen control of Power-Pole Anchors, Ghost Trolling Motor and more.

Expand your system -- taking advantage of radar, autopilot and NMEA 2000 compatibility.

The expanded options and capabilities of Lowrance HDS Pro 12 give you more ways to customize your boat to better fit your fishing needs. Beyond the 9, 10, 12 and 16-inch screen sizes, Lowrance HDS Pro 12 can also be expanded to deliver additional views and features. Simply add a Lowrance S3100 sonar module and Lowrance Active Imaging Transducer to enable the new FishReveal SideScan view, making it easier to identify fish to the sides of the boat. Anglers can also add a second Lowrance ActiveTarget system to better target fish by viewing multiple Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 live sonar displays at the same time. With plug-and-play installation, expanding your fishing has never been easier.

ActiveImaging HD 3-IN-1 Transducer Overview

  • Heavy duty bracket
  • Improved transducer design
  • Compatible with HDS Pro, Live, Carbon and EliteFS . **Direct connection to HDS Pro. The HDS Live/Carbon and EliteFS can also benefit from the higher frequency using a S3100 module networked via Ethernet.
  • Get the clearest images of fish and structure from Lowrance SideScan HD and DownScan HD Imaging
  • Active Imaging HD 3 in 1 shows users the clearest, highest resolution images of fish and structure
  • Active Imaging HD allows for supporting Lowrance users to select the desired frequency for Side and Down separately so the angler can pick the right range/resolution for the desired view.
  • New Fishreveal Sidescan function is unlocked using the S3100 module

ActiveImaging HD 3-IN-1 Transducer General Specifications

  • SideScan Frequencies: Low CHIRP 455 kHz (445-495 kHz), High CHIRP 1075 kHz (1065-1115 kHz)
  • DownScan Frequencies: Low CHIRP 700 kHz (690-740kHz), High CHIRP 1225 kHz (1215-1265 kHz)
  • Side/Down Independently Selectable Frequencies: Yes, Independently mix and match side and down frequency ranges to get the picture that you want
  • Range: Max 150ft range at High Frequency, Max 300ft range at 455 (Low Frequency)
  • Compatible Displays: Direct connect to HDS Pro. Ethernet connect to via S3100: HDS Live, EliteFS, HDS Carbon