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Humminbird AutoChart Pro Europe

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Humminbird AutoChart Pro Europe
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Humminbird AutoChart Pro: Add another layer of detail to your cartography.

Note: Opened packages can not be returned.

Humminbird AutoChart Pro offers all the leading features of Humminbird AutoChart but with two key enhancements designed to give tournament anglers a competitive edge.
  • Bottom Hardness Indication delivers a crucial tip-off to where fish are hiding by identifying areas likely to hold fish based on the hardness of the bottom.
  • Side Imaging Mosaic allows you to overlay your Side Imaging returns onto your Humminbird AutoChart map for a 3D visualization of fish-holding habitat. This feature gives anglers the ultimate understanding of the underwater world and what the structure looks like on their favorite fishing spots. With Humminbird AutoChart Pro, youll have all the tools you need to bring your next trophy into sight.
*Both Bottom Hardness Indication and Side Imaging Mosaic are exclusive to Humminbird AutoChart Pro.

Map coverage where you make it.

Humminbird AutoChart Pro operates the same way as Humminbird AutoChart by using Proprietary software that takes your Humminbirds sonar returns and GPS to build custom lake charts. Create your own contour map on any lake in 3 simple steps:
  • Record sonar data after inserting a blank mSD/SD card into your Humminbird Combo.
  • Import your recordings into the Humminbird AutoChart Pro PC Program and convert your survey into a lake map.
  • Export your map onto the Zero Lines Map mSD/SD Card (included) to display on any compatible* Humminbird.
*Humminbird AutoChart Pro is optional for select ONIX, ION, 1100, 900, 800, and Helix Series models. Compatibility subject to change without notice.

Zero Lines Map mSD/SD Card: The starting point to your mapping adventure. The Zero Line is the place where the water meets the shore and the starting point for building your own maps. Once your Humminbird AutoChart map is created, the only way to view the contours on a compatible Humminbird fish finder is by loading them onto a Zero Lines mSD/SD Map Card.

Now use i-Pilot Link on any lake when you create contours with Humminbird AutoChart Pro.
Humminbird AutoChart Pro enables you to use Minn Kota i-Pilot Link on previously unmapped bodies of water after you create contours with the revolutionary Humminbird AutoChart Pro PC Software. The i-Pilot Links innovative Follow the Contour feature will direct the trolling motor to follow a specific depth contour. The chosen contour line can be automatically followed in either direction, or stay a set distance from that contour or shoreline with Contour Offset. For more information on the i-Pilot Link visit:

More Features
Additionally, with Humminbird AutoChart Pro generated contours, youll have access to all the detail and features of Humminbird LakeMaster* charts including:
  • Depth Highlight (Depth Highlight Range)
  • Water Level Offset 
  • Shallow Water Highlight 
  • Mark, Import, and Export waypoints
  • i-Pilot Link functionality
*May not be relevant for outside USA Use.

Minimum PC Requirements:
512 MB Ram*
10 GB Free hard drive
Windows XP (sp3) or greater
*(1024 MB RAM Recommended)