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em-trak SART100 Transponder

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em-trak SART100 Transponder
  • Information
  • Specifications
em-trak SART100 - SOLAS certified AIS search & rescue transponder.
  • IMO SOLAS certified and approved AIS SART
  • 5 years minimum maintenance free continuous standby
  • Easy to use in an emergency
  • Ruggedized, weather and waterproof to IPx6, IPx7 and IPx8
  • Complete kit, inclusive of quick release mounting bracket and grab bag.
The em-trak SART100 is an IMO SOLAS certified and approved the AIS search & rescue transponder. The em-trak SART100 provides is an essential safety device that can help save your life by providing your exact location and identity to potential rescuers and thus shortening the time it takes to be rescued.
Upon activation, the em-trak SART100 transmits a special AIS message which contains your precise GPS position and identity which is instantly received and recognised as an emergency alert by any boat, plane, helicopter or coast station and displayed on their chart systems. They now know, second by second exactly where you are and can respond in the shortest possible time.
The em-trak SART100 comes as a complete kit ready to go and can be stored away for many years ready for instant activation in the event of an emergency.
em-trak SART100 Transponder