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B&G Triton2 (2 x Displays) Speed, Depth, Wireless Wind Pack (WS320 Wind) 000-14957-002

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B&G Triton2 (2 x Displays) Speed, Depth, Wireless Wind Pack (WS320 Wind) 000-14957-002
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B&G Triton2 Speed, Depth, Wireless Wind Pack (WS320 Wind)

The clearest, multi-purpose sailing instrument with dedicated sailing features.
  • Optically bonded 4.1-inch colour display
  • Transflective LCD technology for optimum sunlight viewing
  • Unique sailing features including SailSteer and WindPlot
  • Display wind, speed, depth, heading, autopilot status and much more
  • Easy to use, easy to install
  • Low power consumption
The full-colour B&G Triton2 Display provides sailors with a clear visual representation of key instrument data including Speed, Depth, Wind, Heading, AIS targets, GPS data and more.

An Optically Bonded display means absolutely zero condensation or fogging, while transflective LCD technology provides exceptional contrast and visibility day or night while consuming less power than traditional backlight-only displays.

The flexible, NMEA 2000 certified, Triton2 Display can be integrated into a wider navigation system and also be combined with a Triton2 Pilot keypad and NAC autopilot computer to create a complete autopilot control system, featuring B&G sail-specific autopilot steering algorithms.

B&G Triton2 provides sailors with a clear view of key instrument data such as speed, depth, wind and heading along with a dedicated SailSteer technology page, designed specifically for sailors. Combined with a B&G Triton2 Pilot Keypad, the display can also serve as a complete autopilot control system.

With sailing specific features including award winning SailSteer and WindPlot screens - along with integration with Zeus and Vulcan navigation systems for AIS and Sailing Time data, the B&G Triton2 is the sailor's solution.

Your complete instrument and autopilot system
The B&G Triton2 display's low profile design, efficient LCD technology and easy installation makes it the perfect choice on cruising sailboats, or integrated within a full navigation system on cruising and racing boats.

Configure the B&G Triton2 display to essential instrument data or combine with a B&G Triton2 pilot keypad to create a fully functional autopilot controller.

Multi-purpose Sailing Instrument
This smart multi-purpose instrument can be configured to display multiple 'pages' of information such as vessel speed, heading, wind speed and direction, depth, AIS data, and more, combined with B&G SailSteer technology. Quickly switch between pages to access the information you need, when you need it.

Clear view of key Sailing Data with SailSteer
See your optimum tacking angles and easily work out your laylines with the B&G SailSteer page on your B&G Triton2 Display. SailSteer brings together all the key sailing data that directly effects your boat into one visual screen so whether your racing or cruising, SailSteer handles the numbers so you can enjoy the sailing.

Fully functioning autopilot controller
Add a B&G Triton2 Pilot keypad to create a fully functional autopilot controller featuring Intelligent Sail Steering functionality with compass and wind steering, Smart Manoeuvre controls to tack at the touch of a button, and chartplotter integration to enable waypoint and route navigation.

B&G WS320 Wireless Wind Sensor
A wireless wind sensor from B&G, designed for cruising and club racing sailors. The B&G WS320 wireless wind sensor pack offers a high performance solution, with exceptional data accuracy and improved aerodynamics, which is easy to install and includes all the parts you need.

The B&G WS320 wireless wind sensor is the perfect solution for any sailor looking to get accurate and fast wind data to their instruments, which is easy to install without a cable through the mast.

High Performance
Designed to provide highly accurate wind data in all conditions at all points of sail and heel. Thw B&G WS320 has been benchmarked against multiple different sensors in over 500 individual wind tunnel tests.

No Compromise Wireless
Easy to install and light-weight, ideal for smaller boats without compromising performance for wireless convenience. The B&G WS320 has the same accuracy (both wind angle and wind speed) as the wired version, while outputting wind at a super smooth 5 times every second.

As the most exposed sensor on a yacht, the wind sensor critical for instruments and autopilot steering must meet an exceptionally high standard. In addition to B&Gs extreme testing programme, the B&G WS320 sensors have been subject to combined field tests of over 200,000 hours.

B&G WS320 Key Features
Easy installation
Smart rechargeable power management
Superior data accuracy and aerodynamics
Sensor quality and reliability
    B&G Triton2 Speed, Depth, Wireless Wind Pack (WS320 Wind) 000-14957-002