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Raymarine T106 Micronet Remote Display Starter System

RRP: £630.00
Our Price: £542.50

Raymarine T106 Micronet Remote Display Starter System

The Raymarine T113 wireless solar powered remote display allows essential data to be displayed in the palm of your hand. What makes this even more unique is the fact it can be integrated to instrument systems other than Raymarine when used with the Raymarine Wireless interface.

Raymarine T113 Micronet Remote Display

  • Can be used with existing instrument systems even from other manufacturers
  • Palm sized
  • Easy to hold
  • Totally multifunction
  • Graphic multi-line display
  • Solar powered
  • No need to change batteries
  • Totally wireless

Not just a remote control, this is an independent, Raymarine Micronet, wireless, palm sized display. With a dot matrix screen it not only shows you all the data in your system, but also incorporates a rolling road, as well as performance pages for uploads from your tactical software, and it can function as a remote control for your Raymarine Micronet Displays. You can add as many handsets as you need for the key members of your crew.

Raymarine T113 Micronet Remote Display, Data Displayed

  • Apparent Wind Speed/Angle
  • High Wind Alarm
  • True Wind Speed/Angle
  • True Wind Direction
  • VMG to Wind
  • Heading
  • Header or Lift Indicator
  • Tack Course
  • Boat Speed
  • Log/Trip Log
  • Average Speed/Max Speed
  • Speed Over Ground
  • Course Over Ground
  • Lat/Long
  • VMG to Waypoint
  • Distance and Bearing to Waypoint
  • Cross Track Error
  • Turn to Waypoint
  • ETA
  • Waypoint and XTE Alarms
  • Depth
  • Depth Alarm
  • Sea Temperature
  • Race Timer
  • Performance Data

Raymarine T122 Micronet Wireless NMEA Interface

  • Only 135g (0.3lbs)
  • 9 - 24 V external power supply
  • NMEA 0183 Ver 2.3
  • 2 inputs and 1 output
  • External Alarm conector

This interface enables sailors to integrate other marine electronics into any of the Raymarine Micronet instrument range. Compatible with instruments using the NMEA language, the Raymarine T122 Wireless NMEA Interface (2 inputs/1 output) collects data from autopilots, GPS, chartplotters, PDAs and other on board instruments and transmits it wirelessly to the Raymarine Micronet Displays. Plugged into an on board PC, Raymarine Micronet can send and receive information so that navigation and tactical software can be displayed anywhere on deck.

The Raymarine T122 Wireless MNEA Interface may be used with PC software to create custom pages on the Raymarine T110 Micronet Digital Display using Proprietary NMEA Sentences.

Raymarine T106 Micronet Remote Display Starter System