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Raymarine Evolution EV-100 Power Autopilot System T70154

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Raymarine Evolution EV-100 Power Autopilot System T70154
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Raymarine Evolution EV-100 Power Autopilot System T70154

The EV-100 Power autopilot system consists of the revolutionary EV-sensor core, the fully-sealed and compact ACU-100, a p70Rs control interface, and Raymarine’s new highly efficient 0.5 litre hydraulic pump. Perfect for vessels with single outboard engines and hydraulic steering, install the entire system above or below decks as required, and benefit from world-leading autopilot performance at a truly head-turning price.

The Raymarine Evolution EV-100 Power Autopilot System T70154 pack contains:

  • Raymarine EV-1
  • Raymarine ACU-100
  • Raymarine p70Rs
  • Raymarine 0.5ltr Hydraulic Pump (12V)
  • Raymarine Evolution Cabling Kit
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Raymarine EV1 Sensor Core

The EV-1 is designed for Evolution mechanical and hydraulic autopilot systems.

SeaTalkng networking enables a single cable connection for power and data to the Evolution ACU (actuator control unit) and extended SeaTalkng and NMEA2000 networks.

Raymarine ACU-100

With the Raymarine ACU-100 Raymarine brings the exceptional performance of Evolution Autopilots to sport boats, runabouts and smaller cruising yachts.

Specifically designed to complement Raymarine’s unique wheel-drive and tiller-drive applications, the Raymarine ACU-100 provides a powerful and secure interface between steering systems and the revolutionary EV-1 course computer and 9-axis sensor.

As a true world-first innovation, the Raymarine ACU-100 is fully sealed so may be mounted above decks on boats where space is limited.

Raymarine p70Rs Autopilot Control Head (Power)

The Raymarine p70Rs autopilot control head, with its combination of push-buttons and rotary control dial, is aimed at powered craft. Advanced LED backlighting offers low power consumption and delivers vibrant colour and contrast. Wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles ensure the display can be seen clearly from acute positions.

The Raymarine p70Rs control head also features the LightHouse user interface and a start up wizard to help you configure the pilot quickly and easily.

Raymarine 0.5ltr Hydraulic Pump (12V)

The Raymarine 0.5ltr Hydraulic Pump is intended to operate the boat’s steering mechanism as part of a Raymarine autopilot system. It is primarily designed for use on boats with an existing hydraulic steering system. Alternatively, you can use this pump on a boat with mechanical steering in conjunction with a secondary steering ram.

The hydraulic pump contains a precision gear pump and a check valve driven by a servo motor.

The Raymarine Evolution SeaTalkng cable kit (R70160) contains

  • 1 x SeaTalkng Power Cable (0.4m)
  • 1 x SeaTalkng Backbone Cable (5m)
  • 1 x SeaTalkng Spur Cable (0.4m)
  • 1 x SeaTalkng 5-way Connector Block
  • 2 x SeaTalkng T-piece Connector
  • 2 x SeaTalkng Terminator