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Raymarine Element 12 S & Lighthouse Download Chart

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Raymarine Element 12 S & Lighthouse Download Chart
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Raymarine Element 12 S

The Raymarine Element S series of navigation displays gives you the freedom to enjoy the open waters. Select your destination and let Raymarine Element 12 S fast and accurate 10Hz GPS/GNSS lead the way. Engineered for simplicity and affordable performance, Raymarine Element 12 S will quickly become your trusted cruising companion.

Raymarine Element 12 S - A Trusted Cruising Companion

Sport operating system lets you navigate with confidence. Once underway, Element S will keep you on course with a smart list of user-friendly features, such as AIS target overlays, autopilot integration, and sailing instruments displays.LightHouseA quad-core processor offers responsive performance and Elements all-weather, sunlight viewable displays deliver chart and navigation data in beautiful colour. Elements simple and straightforward.
  • Easy planning and GPS navigation with your favorite charts
  • Support for Raymarine LightHouse charts, Navionics, and C-MAP
  • Safely navigate busy waterways with an optional Quantum wireless radar and AIS receiver
  • Built-in High CHIRP sonar for depth and bottom contour imaging
  • Map uncharted areas with Raymarine RealBathy personal sonar mapping
  • Connect with NMEA2000 compatible AIS, autopilot, sailing instruments, engines, tanks, and VHF
Raymarine Element 12 S - Simple & Straight Forward
  • Raymarine Element 12 S LightHouse Sport OS Designed for boaters that like to keep things simple.
  • From sailing to power cruising to fishing, the LightHouse Sport OS is easy to customise to your type of boating
  • An oversized waypoint key for quick and easy marking of your favorite locations
  • Three user-programmable quick keys to access your favorite pages with one button push
  • Live menus let you customise charts while seeing the navigation display change in real time
Raymarine Element 12 S - Superior Performance
  • Enjoy legendary Raymarine display and navigation technology at an affordable price.
  • Raymarine Element S is available in 7, 9, and 12 inch super bright display for all weather conditions
  • Category-leading quad-core processor delivers fast chart redraw and responsive performance
  • Fast and accurate 10hz GPS/GNSS sensor
  • Rugged design and backed by Raymarines three-year warranty (product registration required
Raymarine Element 12 S - Connections
  • Power Cable with NMEA2000 tail for integration with AIS, autopilot, sailing instruments, engines, tanks sensors, and VHF
  • Wi-Fi connection to Quantum Radar
Compatible High CHIRP TransducersCPT-S Transom E70342
CPT-S Plastic ThruHull 0° Angled Element E70339CPT-S Bronze ThruHull 0° Angled Element A80446
CPT-S Plastic ThruHull 12° Angled Element A80448CPT-S Bronze ThruHull 12° Angled Element E70340
CPT-S Plastic ThruHull 20° Angled Element A80447CPT-S Bronze ThruHull 20° Angled Element E70341
Raymarine Element 12 S & Lighthouse Download Chart E70535-00-202