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Onwa KP-8299A 8 Chartplotter with built-in Class B AIS Tx & GPS Antenna

£910.25loading (inc VAT @ 20%)
Onwa KP-8299A 8 Chartplotter with built-in Class B AIS Tx & GPS Antenna
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Onwa KP-8299A 8 Chartplotter

High resolution TFT day-view LCD display
SD-card slot for C-Map MAX and user data
Navionics, C-Map MAX and K-Chart chart compatible
Tide table
Versatile display mode include: Plotter Screen, Nav.Data, Satellite Information, AIS Display, Compass Screen

GOTO track navigation
Map orientation select
Proximity waypoints alarms
Perspective View
Palette: Normal, Daylight exposed to sunlight, Night in dark environment, NOAA- paper chart colors

Download the Onwa KP-8299AA brochure here

1. Waypoints/icons14,000 waypoints with name, symbol, 10 proximity waypoint
2. Routeswaypoint up to 169 points each, plus MOB and Track Navigation or Goto Track modes
3. Tracks21,000 point automatic track log; 10 saved track (up to 2100 track points each) let you retrace your path in both directions
4. AlarmsXTE, Anchor drag, arrival, speed, voltage, proximity waypoint and time, AIS alarm.
5. Pallete: Normal, Daylight exposed to sunlight, Night in dark environment, NOAA paperchart colors
6. Tides: Tide data
7. Projection: Mercator projection
8. Position format: Lat/Lon
9. Basemap: Built-in Onwa K-Chart
10. External Map: SD Cards slot for Navionics & C-Map MAX
11. User data storage: Internal backup of user settings, or external SD-card
12. Plot Interval: 1s to 99h or 0.01 nm to 9.99nm
13. Plotting scales: 0.01nm to 1,000nm
14. Nav Data:
Outputs: $AAM, $APB, $BOD,$BWC,$GGA, $GLL, $RMB,$RMC,$VTG, $XTE, $ZDA
Outputs for autopilot: $AAM, $APB, $BOD,$VTG
15. Perspective View: On/off

1. Transmitter x 1
2. Receiver x 2 (one time shared between AIS/DSC)
3. Frequency: 156.025 to 162.025 MHz in 25KHz steps
4. Output power: 2 watts typical(For KP-8299AA only)
5. Channel bandwidth: 25KHz
6. Channel step: 25KHz
7. Modulation modes: 25KHz GMSK (AIS,TX AND RX), 25KHz AFSK (DSC,RX only)
8. Bit rate: 9600 b/s +/- 50 ppm (GMSK), 1200 b/s +/- 30 ppm (FSK)
9. RX sensitivity: Sensitivity 107dBm 25Khz, Message error rate less than: 2%, Co-channel 10dB, IMD 62dB, Blocking 84dB

10.5 to 35VDC, current drain <800mA at 12V

Standard Display unit
Operator manual
External GPS Antenna with 10m Cable
Installation materials and standard spare parts
Onwa KP-8299 8 Chartplotter with external GPS Antenna