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em-trak B954 AIS 5W SOTDMA with Integrated VHF Antenna Splitter, WiFi & Bluetooth

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em-trak B954 AIS 5W SOTDMA with Integrated VHF Antenna Splitter, WiFi & Bluetooth
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The em-trak B954 is a high transmit power (5W SOTDMA) AIS Class B transceiver that is small, light-weight, yet delivers the very best AIS receive and transmit performance so you see more AIS information and targets at maximum range all achieved with the least power consumption.

The em-trak B954 combines WiFi & Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and AIS data streaming to a mobile device or PC as well as a high performance integrated VHF antenna splitter which enables the transceiver to share your existing VHF antenna without any loss of performance. With built in intelligent connectivity, integrated next generation GPS receiver & antenna and a unique FLEXI-FIT bracket system, safe and secure installation is simple.

em-trak B954 Features
  • Certified AIS Class B 5W CSTDMA
  • Plug & play connectivity WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Integrated high performance VHF antenna splitter
  • Global Certification USCG / FCC / Canada / Europe
  • SRT-AIS transceiver engine for superlative proven performance
  • FLEXI-FIT bracket system for easy, convenient and secure installation
  • Integrated high-performance GPS receiver & antenna (external antenna optional)
  • Water, pressure spray and damp proof (IPx6 & IPx7 Certified)
  • Ruggedized protected from vibration, shock and extreme temperatures
  • Small and lightweight
  • Ultra-low power consumption best in class
  • NMEA0183 & NMEA2000
  • Automated health and performance monitoring
  • Silent Mode (transmit-off) function
  • Enhanced RF screening to protect against electromagnetic interference
  • Built-in power surge protection

em-trak B954 Technical Specifications

Size 150mm x 110mm
Weight 330g
Power Supply 12-24V DC
Power Consumption
WiFi & Bluetooth on 3.35W (280mA @ 12V)
WiFi & Bluetooth off 2.95W (245mA @ 12V)
VHF Antenna Output SO239
VHF Radio Input SO239
GPS Antenna TNC
NMEA2000 Standard 5 Way Micro-C Connector
Power/NMEA0183 12 Way Circular Multipole
Physical Data Interfaces
NMEA 0183 (2)
NMEA 2000

em-trak B954 In the box
1 x AIS Transceiver
1 x Power and Data Cable (2m)
1 x VHF Radio Accessory Cable (1m)
1 x FLEXI-FIT Mounting Bracket Complete with Screws & Optional Fixing Tape

AIS Standards IEC62287-2 Ed 2
Product Safety Standards EN60950-1
Environmental Standard IEC60945 Ed 4
Access Scheme SOTDMA
Operating Frequency Range 156MHz to 163MHz
AIS Receiver Sensitivity -111dBm
AIS Transmit Power 5W (+37dBm)
Channels 72
GPS Type & Performance GPS/Galileo + GLONASS or BEIDOU
Category Exposed
Water Proofing IPx6 & IPx7
Operating Temperature -25°C to +55°C
VHF Radio Transmit Path Loss <1dB
Receive Path Loss 0dB
Path Switching Time < 10us VHF Radio Path Rating > 25W
Path on Power Failure VHF to Antenna
Antenna Fault Detection Yes
Switch Type Solid state

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