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Echopilot FLS 3D 5B

£10,309.00loading (inc VAT @ 20%)
Echopilot FLS 3D 5B
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Echopilot FLS 3D 5B

Consists of:

1 x 3D Keypad
1 x 3D Processor
1 x 3D Interface
2 x 5 Transducers 2M cable
2 x Skin Fitting Bronze 5
Power cable, VGA cable and Transducer extension cable 10M

This latest development of the well proven patented Echopilot Forward Looking Sonar, the Echopilot FLS 3D displays a 3 dimensional representation of the underwater scene ahead of the boat. The seabed terrain and potential hazards are shown, for the first time, with unparalleled realism. This is a real time sonar image of what is actually ahead of the boat, not a chart rendered into 3D.

Twin retractable transducers with the Echopilot FLS 3D ensure complete forward coverage whatever the hull form. The view ahead is 60 degrees in the horizontal plane, over 90 degrees in the vertical plane and the forward range is up to 200m. The screen updates every 1 second depending on the range setting. The black-box on the Echopilot FLS 3D outputs HDMI and VGA for a full colour picture on a wide range of compatible displays.

The basic
Echopilot FLS 3D is supplied with two 5 transducers with bronze housings. Optional housing lengths and materials available for metal or very thick hulls.

2-meter transducer cable, 10 meter extension cable and 10 meter data cable (from Transducer Interface box to Visual Processor) is supplied with the
Echopilot FLS 3D.

Echopilot FLS 3D specs
  • Real time system - refreshes every 1 second
  • 200m forward range, 100m depth range
  • 200 kHz Operating frequency
  • Twin retractable 5 transducers w/ bronze housing standard
  • Twin retractable 10 transducers w/ bronze housing standard (Optional)
  • Aluminium and steel skin fitting (Optional)
  • Video output: HDMI and VGA
  • colour coded depth display
  • Ethernet style transducer connection
  • Vertical plane Beam width: 90°
  • Horizontal plane Beam width 60°
  • 12 or 24 VDC
  • Full HD capable