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B&G Vulcan 7R

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B&G Vulcan 7R
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  • Specifications
B&G Vulcan 7R Key Features
  • Easy to use multi-touch display
  • Dedicated sailing features for cruising or racing: SailSteer, SailingTime, RacePanel, Laylines
  • Easy to integrate Connect Vulcan to an existing system and add basic sailing components
  • Broadband Radar and ForwardScan ready
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Control your B&G Pilot
  • Instrument data display
B&G Vulcan 7R has an easy-to-use, intuitive, multi-touch screen. Use the familiar pinch to zoom and swipe to pan actions to explore the many benefits to make your life on the water easier and safer; add waypoints and plan your route with ease.

Dedicated Sailing features for cruising and racing
With B&Gs award-winning sailing functions on the
B&G Vulcan 7R, you can see all of your key sailing data together on one screen, or overlaid on charts for the modern sailors ultimate navigational view. Simply add sailing instruments and sensors to activate B&G SailSteer, which will provide an intuitive graphic display of your Boat Speed, Wind data, Heading, Tide, Wind Shift Sectors and even Laylines. Its easy to add waypoints or plot a course; and with B&G SailingTime youll see waypoint arrival times based on a sailing course and tidal effects, rather than a straight-line calculation.

Simple integration
Get more from your
B&G Vulcan 7R by expanding your system via the industry-standard NMEA 2000 network. You can add sailing instruments and sensors, as well as autopilot, Broadband Radar, ForwardScan or SonicHub to create a system to suit your needs.

B&G Vulcan 7R can be used as a secondary autopilot controller providing easy access to Intelligent Sail Steering, manual and auto steering functions, and Smart Maneuver functionality combined with intuitive menus for ultimate control.

B&G Broadband 3G or 4G Radar integrates with
B&G Vulcan 7R to keep watch as you sail, with the ability to identify and track targets from 36 nautical miles away (4G) to right off the bow.

With the addition of a ForwardScan transducer on the
B&G Vulcan 7R, you can see what lies ahead under the water with approaching depth information. Explore poorly-charted or unfamiliar waters confidently.

B&G Vulcan 7R features built-in Wi-Fi and offers easy access to selected online services, including PredictWind weather forecasts and routing, via marina or smartphone hotspots. Or use the Wi-Fi to mirror the screen of your B&G Vulcan 7R to a compatible smartphone or tablet, for a cost-effective dual-station solution you can take anywhere on board.
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