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B&G ForwardScan Transducer Kit 000-11674-001

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B&G ForwardScan Transducer Kit 000-11674-001
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Simrad ForwardScan
The award winning Simrad ForwardScan forward-looking sonar shows what lies ahead under the water with approaching depth information. It transmits and receives up to ten times faster for real-time updates. Sail poorly-charted or unfamiliar waters confidently with a clear image of the bottom ahead of your boat. Avoid upcoming dangers or obstructions and set custom shallow depth alarms.
  • Wide range visibility
  • Unprecedented clarity
  • Comprehensive warning system
  • Shallow depth vigilance
  • Rapid performance and update
Simrad ForwardScan is compatible with the Simrad Go 5 XSE and Simrad Go 7 XSE.

Newport International Boat Show Newport For New Products (NFNP) winner
The Simrad ForwardScan delivers something every boater should know how deep is the water ahead of my boat? With a range of 8 times the depth of the water under the boat, this product is applicable for any boating type whether yachting, power cruising, sailing or fishing in any size boat and in any waters. Whats more, it is insanely affordable this is a must have!

B&G ForwardScan Transducer Kit 000-11674-001