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Airmar 110WXS WeatherStation RS232

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Airmar 110WXS WeatherStation RS232
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Airmar 110WXS WeatherStation Instrument

The Airmar 110WXS is AIRMARs entry level solution for stationary, land-based weather monitoring applications. A complete multisensor WeatherStation, the Airmar 110WXS features a solar radiation shield for increased accuracy and stability of temperature and relative humidity. Ultrasonic wind measurement of wind speed and angle is virtually maintenance-free with no moving parts to wear out. Barometric pressure, as well as calculated wind chill and heat index round out the critical parameters being measured. The durable, rugged housing is IPX4 or IPX6 rated and designed to be deployed as an integral component for land-based stations.

Airmar 110WXS Features
  • Ultrasonic measurement of apparent and wind speed and angle
  • Solar radiation shield provides stable, accurate temperature and relative humidity data
  • Additional parameters: barometric pressure, calculated dew point, heat index and wind chill
  • Rugged, compact, UV-stabilized housing with no moving parts
Recommended Applications: Land Based Stationary and Deployable Installations

Airmar 110WXS Specifications

    • Wind Speed Range: 0 MPH to 90 MPH, 0 m/s to 40 m/s
    • Wind Speed Resolution: 0.1 MPH, 0.1 m/s
    • Wind Speed Accuracy @ 0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F), no precipitation*:
    • Low Wind Speeds: 0 MPH to 11.5 MPH; 1.1 MPH + 10% of reading (0 m/s to 5 m/s; 0.5 m/s + 10% of reading)
    • High Wind Speeds: 11.5 MPH to 90 MPH; 2.3 MPH or 5%, whichever is greater (5 m/s to 40 m/s; 1 m/s or 5%, whichever is greater)
    • Wind Speed Accuracy in wet conditions**: 5.7 MPH RMS, 2.5 m/s RMS
    • Wind Direction Range: 0° to 360°
    • Wind Direction Resolution: 0.1°
    • Wind Direction Accuracy @ 0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F), no precipitation*:
    • Low Wind Speeds (5° RMS typical): 4.6 MPH to 11.5 MPH, 2 m/s to 5 m/s
    • High Wind Speeds (2° RMS typical): >11 .5 MPH, >5 m/s
    • Wind Direction Accuracy in wet conditions** (8° RMS Typical): >9.2 MPH, >4 m/s
    • Air Temperature Range: -40°C to 55°C (-40°F to 131°F)
    • Air Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
    • Air Temperature Accuracy: ±1.1°C (±2°F)* @ >4 knots wind(>4.6 MPH wind) (>2 m/s wind)
    • Barometric Pressure Range: 300 mbar to 1100 mbar (24 inHg to 33 inHg, 300 hPa to 1100 hPa)
    • Barometric Pressure Resolution: 0.1 mbar (0.029 inHg, 0.1 hPa)
    • Barometric Pressure Accuracy: ±1 mbar (±0.029 inHg, ±1 hPa) when altitude correction is available
    • Relative Humidity Range: 10% to 95% RH
    • Relative Humidity Accuracy*: ±5% units RH
    • Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to 55°C (-13°F to 131°F)
    • Supply Voltage: 9 VDC to 40 VDC
    • Supply Current (@ 12 VDC): <55 mA (<0.7 W), LEN 2
    • Weight: 566 grams (1.25 lbs)
    • Communication Interface: NMEA 0183/Serial (RS422 or RS232) and NMEA2000 (CAN bus)***
    • Mounting Thread Size on Base: Standard 1-14 UNS (3/4 NPToptional)
    • Certifications and Standards: CE, IPX6 (Relative Humidity/IPX4), RoHS, IEC61000-4-2, IEC60945 IEC60950_1C, IEC60950_22A, EN55022, EN55024, EN15014982

    RMSRoot Mean Square
    *When the wind speed is less than 2 m/s (4.6 MPH) and/or air temperature is below 0°C (32°F), wind, temperature, and relative humidity readings will be less accurate.
    **Wet conditions include moisture, rain, frost, dew, snow, ice and/or sea spray in the wind channel.
    ***AIRMAR has made the address claiming modifications to enable compatibility with the ISO 11783 communication protocol for the agriculture industry that is based on the SAE J1939 protocol

    100316 Airmar 110WXS WeatherStation RS232