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Airmar 110WX WeatherStation

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Airmar 110WX WeatherStation
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Airmar 110WX WeatherStation

The Airmar 110WX is AIRMARs solution for stationary, land based weather monitoring applications. Feature rich and encased in a durable, rugged housing that is IPX4 or IPX6 rated has enabled the Airmar 110WX to be successfully deployed as an integral component for effective agriculture and livestock management solutions. Reliability and performance, along with no moving parts, makes the Airmar 110WX an easy and affordable choice for any weather solution. Ideal for stationary applications, the Airmar 110WX model offers apparent wind speed, air temperature, and barometric pressure readings.

Airmar 110WX
Measures apparent wind speed and angle, barometric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, calculated dew point, heat index and wind chill temperature

Airmar 150WX and 200WX
Includes all Airmar 110WX functionality plus internal compass and GPS (for theoretical wind speed and direction), GPS position, speed over ground, course over ground

Airmar 200WX
Best-in-class dynamic stabilization via three-axis compass and three-axis rate gyro

Recommended Applications: Stationary Land Based

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