Navionics Updates Chart

Navionics Updates Chart
Brand: Navionics


Navionics Updates Chart is a discounted path for updates of older Navionics Charts plus access to Navionics+ Charts.

The product is a packaged chip offering: One year of Freshest Data updates to Nautical Charts, SonarCharts, and Community Edits

The Navionics Updates Chart is blank and you will need an Internet connection and your old valid Chart Card to activate the Navionics Updates Chart and download data to it.

Your old Navionics Chart is “blacklisted” when it is used to activate a Navionics Updates Chart, this means it can not be used against a Navionics Updates Chart Card in the future, but you can still use the chart. After you have activated your Navionics Updates Chart, you will be able to select and download chart data for one of the named Navionics+ Chart area's shown in the above images.

Additional charges may apply for some regions.

To check compatibility of your chartplotter, visit

*In Sweden, sonar logs may only be recorded in inland waters. Restrictions might also apply in Norway, Finland and Denmark. Please comply with local laws.