Navionics Platinum Plus XL3 Charts for North America

Navionics Platinum Plus XL3 Charts for North America
Brand: Navionics


Navionics Platinum Plus Charts for North America For demanding boaters and serious anglers

Head out with confidence! On Navionics Platinum Plus, all the same marine and lakes content and advanced features found in Navionics+ are augmented with satellite overlay, 3D View, and panoramic photos to provide the ultimate situational awareness. Designed with the most demanding boaters and serious anglers in mind, these additional Navionics Platinum Plus viewing options can be used on a growing number of GPS plotters.

Satellite Overlay
Especially helpful in congested ports and marinas, satellite overlay can also reveal hidden features such as backwater channels that might hold fish.

3D view

Navionics Platinum Plus allows you to customise your chart to highlight key features. Enjoy a broad overview, easily pan around the map, and zoom in on any area you are interested in.

Panoramic Photos
Heading into a new marina can be less stressful when you have an understanding of the layout that only a picture can provide on Navionics Platinum Plus.

Daily chart updates and advanced features are included for one year upon registration* of your
Navionics Platinum Plus.

*Register your card within 2 months of purchase to activate your subscription, then routinely update your charts to enjoy the very latest content.