Navionics+ Chart to Platinum+ Chart

Navionics+ Chart to Platinum+ Chart
Brand: Navionics



Navionics+ Chart to Platinum+

If you have a Navionics+ or Navionics Gold Chart, you can use it to update to the latest Navionics Platinum+ Chart and benefit from Navionics rebate against the cost of a new chart:

To order a new Navionics Platinum+ Chart using the rebate, type in the new chart number you want then select the media type you want the chart on and press add to cart. After filling in your address and payment details, you then need to send us your old Navionics+/Gold Chart.

We can not send send out the new chart with out first receiving this, we will then send out your new
Navionics Platinum+ Chart.

Payment is not taken until your new Navionics Platinum+ is sent.

Charts excluded from this update are 32XG, 33XG, 37XG, 38XG, 39XG, 40XG please call for update details on these.

If you are not sure what cartridge type your unit uses, refer to your manual or to
check compatibility of your chartplotter, visit

You should also ensure your chartplotter operating system is the latest version. Contact your GPS manufacturer for available upgrades or more information.