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Nasa Clipper Wireless Wind*

Nasa Clipper Wireless Wind*

Nasa Clipper Wireless Wind*

The Nasa Clipper wireless wind is supplied with a wireless masthead transmitter, a base unit and a Nasa Clipper Wind display unit. The wireless masthead transmitter is powered by an internal battery which is charged from ambient light using a small solar panel. A few dull days will not affect performance. When fully charged, it is capable of two thousand hours of full operation in total darkness. The masthead transmitter sends data wirelessly to the base unit, which is powered by the vessel's 12 Volt supply, the base unit receives wind speed and direction data from the masthead transmitter and sends it to the Nasa Clipper Wind display or any other compatible NMEA display unit.

The Nasa Clipper Wind display is in the industry standard 110mm square case. Exceptionally large and clear display with 60 segments for full 360 degree direction indication.
  • Wireless wind speed and direction data to any compatible NMEA display
  • Easy installation with mast in place – no wires to run down
  • Simple masthead alignment through base unit
  • Light mast unit weight - 190 grams
Sleep time > 15,000 Hours
Operating time > 2,000 Hours
Charging time < 150 Hours of bright daylight
Fully charged with no further daylight

Wireless masthead transmitter
NMEA 0183 4800 Baud
NMEA data sentence MWV

Supply voltage Nominal 12v DC
Supply current 17mA
Wind speed and direction NMEA data sentence MWV to any compatible NMEA device

Supply voltage Nominal 12v DC
NMEA 0183 input sentence MWV
9 levels of display back lighting
Display case size 110 x 110mm
Consumption, 10mA+ (10mA for display illumination max)
  • Brand:
    NASA Marine