Marlec Rutland 913 Marine Mounting Kit with Antivibration Kit



Marlec Rutland 913 Marine Mounting Kit

Marlec's Rutland 913 Marine Mounting Kit is a 2.4m (8ft) pole kit manufactured from stainless steel and supplied in 2 x 1.2 metre sections with joiner. Two L shaped deck fixing plates are supplied to support the pole and attach to the deck along with brackets.

Want to construct a pole of your own ? A pole can be constructed for deck fixing using a continuous length of stainless steel or aluminium tube, a minimum 2.5 metre length is recommended. Note that the mounting tube dimensions must be 41mm internal diameter and no more than 48mm outer diameter. Also available from are a single 1.2M and 600mm tube sections for you adapt to your own mounting design.