Marlec Rutland 504 Wind Charger

Brand: Marlec Rutland
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Marlec Rutland 504 Wind Charger

  • Ever had perfect weather but been caught out by flat batteries delaying your sail?
  • Are you putting up with the inconvenience of removing and refitting batteries between trips?
  • What if you decided to sail longer distance than normal with a stop over. How are you going to keep your batteries charged?

You already know the answer, it's to install a small wind generator on your vessel.

  • Experience the convenience and satisfaction of starting the engine from a fully powered battery and set sail without delay!
  • No more lifting heavy batteries on and off board and the added benefit of extended battery life from well charged batteries!
  • One less thing to worry about - you'll have piece of mind that your electric supply is secure and always available!

The Marlec Rutland 504 Windcharger has been designed for just this purpose and with the weekend yachtsman in mind. It's the ideal trickle charger and is particularly suited to vessels less that 10m in length with battery banks typically around 100Ah. While the boat is unattended the Marlec Rutland 504 will be replenishing your batteries using the free and abundant power in the wind so you return to fully charged batteries. During longer spells on board the Marlec Rutland 504 will provide invaluable topping up so you can comfortably use the cabin lights and other low energy appliances.

The Marlec Rutland 504 is so lightweight, portable and easy to handle that it is also we ll suited to the needs of motorhome owners. A portable land tower and rigging kit is available too.

At home the Marlec Rutland 504 can be used to run a garden pump or fountain or even to provide safe low voltage lighting to a shed or garage.


Trickle charges in windspeeds as low as 5 knots

  • That means more running time, more power generated

"Safety turbine" is a single injection moulding joining the tips of the 6 aerofoil blades with an outer ring

  • Where space is at a premium on board the outer ring provides protection from the spinning blade tips
  • The blades won't get tangled in your rigging

Low friction 3 phase alternator

  • Gives a smooth and silent output

The Marlec Rutland 504 generator's design is Marlec's unique high inertia alternator

  • It maintains momentum between gusts of wind like a flywheel where other turbine designs stall
  • This adds up to more free power generated into your battery

Produces 25 Watts in 19 knots

  • That's a very useful nominal 2A @ 12V charge into the battery
  • Produces up to 60 Watts, nominally 5 Amps @ 12 Volts

For the 2009 season Marlec have introduced a new streamlined design

  • Latest and improved materials have greater UV stability
  • Innovation is our watchword so we can continuously deliver best efficiencies and quality in our products

Brushless alternator and fixed shaft

  • Marlec's unique design features a fixed rather than rotating shaft which negates the need for brushgear. It is a simple and maintenance-free design
  • The alternator windings and magnets are encapsulated in glass fibre for improved protection against stator winding failure

360 degree free rotation on the mounting pole

  • The "Post Adaptor" that secures the turbine to the pole carries the slipring and brushgear enabling the turbine to rotate 360degrees freely to find the wind without wires twisting inside the mounting pole
  • This post adaptor is distinctively blue anodised enabling the user to select either an aluminium or stainless steel pole without corrosion concerns

Durable construction and modern materials

  • Marlec uses modern, durable materials giving our customers products with many years of trouble free service even under the harsh conditions of a marine environment

Turbine diameter of 510mm

  • The Marlec Rutland 504 very efficiently converts wind power into useable energy from a conveniently small turbine diameter

Compact turning radius of just 304mm

  • Ideal when space is at a premium at the stern of the boat


Shipping Specification (mm)

  • 1 Carton 550 x 550 x 260
  • Nett weight: 3.5kg
  • Gross weight: 6kg