em-trak S100 AIS Antenna Splitter

em-trak S100 AIS Antenna Splitter
Brand: em-trak
Product Code: 416-0013


em-trak S100 AIS Antenna Splitter for AIS Class B & VHF radios
  • Unique active antenna switching performance.
  • No loss of VHF radio or AIS performance.
  • Automatic safe mode in the event of power loss.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Small and light weight.
  • Maintains radio transmission compliance and performance.
The em-trak S100 is a very light weight, miniature high performance VHF antenna multiplexer/splitter that enables a single VHF antenna to be shared by multiple radio communication devices without performance loss of safety risk: an AIS transceiver, VHF/DSC Marine Radio and an FM radio can all share a single antenna and operate normally.

Powered by unique and patent pending antenna multiplexer technology, unlike other similar devices the em-trak S100 protects the performance and technical compliance of the VHF Radio and AIS, whilst ensuring zero performance loss simultaneous operation of the radio and AIS with a single VHF antenna. This means maximum performance from your VHF radio and AIS.  

Despite its small size the em-trak S100 offers plug and play compatibility with any AIS transceiver or VHF-DSC radio with automatic configuration makin installation simple.

The em-trak S100 is ideal for minimising the cost and hassle of an AIS installation and is a perfect complement to the any of the em-trak AIS Class B transceivers.