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em-trak Offshore Package: B100 Class B AIS Transceiver, S100 Antenna Splitter & SART100 Transponder

Our Price: £847.00
The em-trak Sailor package is a bundled package
of the em-trak B100 Class B AIS Transceiver,
em-trak S100 VHF Antenna Splitter &
em-trak SART100 SOLAS certified AIS search & rescue transponder.
  • FCC & USCG & International certified standard AIS Class B
  • Small and lightweight
  • Multiple interfaces: NMEA0183, NMEA2000 ensures plug and play compatibility with most display systems
  • High quality, engineered to last
  • HF-AIS core technology for enhanced AIS message processing – see more see further
  • Global 3 year warranty
The em-trak B100 provides the best AIS performance available and includes a GPS antenna and voyage data recording functionality. The em-trak S100 uses patented technology that ensures no loss of performance for either your VHF radio or AIS Class B.

The ability to share a single existing antenna coupled with the em-trak B100 and em-trak S100 being the smallest, lightest and most robust devices in the market make installation as simple as possible.

em-trak B100 Standard AIS Class B Transceiver
  • Processes all AIS transmission and message types.
  • Globally certified AIS Class B (2W SOTDMA) – FCC, EU-MED, USCG, Industry Canada and more.
  • HF-AIS core technology for enhanced performance and better AIS data.
  • Market leading ultra-low power consumption.
  • Enhanced protection from external nearby radio interference.  
  • Integrated SD trip data recording
  • Dual NMEA0183 & NMEA2000 intelligent MFD / display system / APP connectivity.
  • Silent mode – transmit function disabled but unit continues to receive.
The em-trak B100 is a miniature very light weight high performance AIS Class B that is ideal for small and medium size leisure boats looking for a reliable, easy to install AIS transceiver that seamlessly connects to any MFD, display system or APP.

The em-trak B100 may be small in size, but is powered by a sophisticated AIS transceiver engine with HF-AIS technology that empowers it with superior AIS processing performance: this means you see more targets and information at greater range with greater consistency and reliability.

The em-trak B100 includes an SD memory card slot which allows the simple recording of all real time trip data for later transfer and use by various applications as well as an accurate record of your trip. Installation and connectivity is as simple as it gets with dual NMEA0183 and NMEA2000. 

No compromise performance and quality at an affordable price.  Ideal for the mariner looking for high performance AIS thats both affordable and easy to install.

em-trak S100 AIS Antenna Splitter for AIS Class B & VHF radios
  • Unique active antenna switching performance.
  • No loss of VHF radio or AIS performance.
  • Automatic safe mode in the event of power loss.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Small and light weight.
  • Maintains radio transmission compliance and performance.
The em-trak S100 is a very light weight, miniature high performance VHF antenna multiplexer/splitter that enables a single VHF antenna to be shared by multiple radio communication devices without performance loss of safety risk: an AIS transceiver, VHF/DSC Marine Radio and an FM radio can all share a single antenna and operate normally.

Powered by unique and patent pending antenna multiplexer technology, unlike other similar devices the em-trak S100 protects the performance and technical compliance of the VHF Radio and AIS, whilst ensuring zero performance loss simultaneous operation of the radio and AIS with a single VHF antenna. This means maximum performance from your VHF radio and AIS.  

Despite its small size the em-trak S100 offers plug and play compatibility with any AIS transceiver or VHF-DSC radio with automatic configuration makin installation simple.

The em-trak S100 is ideal for minimising the cost and hassle of an AIS installation and is a perfect complement to the any of the em-trak AIS Class B transceivers.

em-trak SART100 - SOLAS certified AIS search & rescue transponder.
  • IMO SOLAS certified and approved AIS SART
  • 5 years minimum maintenance free continuous standby
  • Easy to use in an emergency
  • Ruggedized, weather and waterproof to IPx6, IPx7 and IPx8
  • Complete kit, inclusive of quick release mounting bracket and grab bag.
The em-trak SART100 is an IMO SOLAS certified and approved the AIS search & rescue transponder. The em-trak SART100 provides is an essential safety device that can help save your life by providing your exact location and identity to potential rescuers and thus shortening the time it takes to be rescued.
Upon activation, the em-trak SART100 transmits a special AIS message which contains your precise GPS position and identity which is instantly received and recognised as an emergency alert by any boat, plane, helicopter or coast station and displayed on their chart systems. They now know, second by second exactly where you are and can respond in the shortest possible time.
The em-trak SART100 comes as a complete kit ready to go and can be stored away for many years ready for instant activation in the event of an emergency.
em-trak Offshore Package: B100 Class B AIS Transceiver, S100 Antenna Splitter & SART100 Transponder