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LED Navigation Lights & Bulbs

Classic LED 12 Tr-Colour Light

Classic LED 12 Tr-Colour Light

Classic LED 12 Tr-Colour Light


The Classic LED series of navigation lights is designed for vessels up to 12m or 20m. Made of tough UV stabilised ABS polycarbonate compound with shatter-proof acrylic lens, stainless steel electrical contacts and nitrile water resistant seal to provide reliable long-life. All CLASSIC LED are supplied with encapsulated in silicon 12-24V LED bulb to ensure maximum energy saving, protection against humidity and a long lifetime of upto 50000 hours.

Meet the requirements for

  • COLREG 72
  • MSC 253(83)
  • EN 14744:2005

For vessels up to 12m

  • Visible distance: 2nm
  • 12/24V DC & 2W
  • White LED light or tri-color
  • Waterproof, non corrosion, non magnetic