B&G ForwardScan Longstem Transducer Kit

Brand: B&G
Product Code: 000-13284-001
£850.79 RRP: £1,039.99


B&G ForwardScan Longstem Transducer

The award winning B&G ForwardScan forward-looking sonar shows what lies ahead under the water with approaching depth information. It transmits and receives up to ten times’ faster for real-time updates. Sail poorly-charted or unfamiliar waters confidently with a clear image of the bottom ahead of your boat. Avoid upcoming dangers or obstructions and set custom shallow depth alarms.
  • Wide range visibility
  • Unprecedented clarity
  • Comprehensive warning system
  • Shallow depth vigilance
  • Rapid performance and update
B&G ForwardScan is compatible with the B&G Zeus² series, Vulcan 5 and Vulcan 7 (2016 edition) navigation units and requires a SonarHub sonar processor.

Newport International Boat Show Newport For New Products (NFNP) winner
“The B&G ForwardScan delivers something every boater should know – how deep is the water ahead of my boat? With a range of 8 times the depth of the water under the boat, this product is applicable for any boating type – whether yachting, power cruising, sailing or fishing – in any size boat and in any waters. What’s more, it is insanely affordable – this is a must have!”