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We think our prices are very competitive, however, if you find this not to be the case, we will always try and compete.


As well as selling the major brands, we are also an Approved Sales, Service & Installation Dealer for a number of these brands including Raymarine & Garmin.


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Buy one of the listed B&G* Vulcan's with one
of the below applicable accessories before 31/10/18 and claim the listed cashback:

Vulcan 12 000-14149-001
Vulcan 12 with 3G Radar 000-14156-001
Vulcan 12 with 4G Radar 000-14157-001
Vulcan 9 with 3G Radar 000-13984-001
Vulcan 9 000-13214-001
Vulcan 7R with 3G Radar 000-14079-001
Vulcan 7R 000-14082-001

*This offer is not run by us and we accept no responsibility for it. Visit for more information and T&Cs


Applicable accessories for Cashback Claim
Vulcan + Forwardscan Transducer
ForwardScan Transducer Kit 000-11674-001
ForwardScan Transducer 000-11675-001
ForwardScan Long Stem Transducer Kit 000-13284-001

Vulcan + VHF/NAIS
V20 VHF 000-13546-001
V50 VHF 000-11236-001
V90 Black Box 000-11676-001
NAIS-500 000-13963-001, 000-13609-001, 000-13610-001
NSPL-500 000-13612-001

Vulcan + Autopilot
WR10 000-12316-001, TP10, TP22 or TP32
Vulcan + Radar (Radar Bundles not included)
3G Radar 000-10422-001
4G Radar 000-10423-001

Vulcan + Instruments
Triton² Digital Display 000-13294-001
Triton² Speed/Depth Pack 000-13298-001
Triton² Speed/Depth/Wind Pack 000-13299-001
10/10HV Display for H5000/Triton 000-11087-001
20/20HV Display for H5000/Triton 000-11088-001

Vulcan + Sonic Hub
Sonic Hub 000-12302-001